Continuing Education Workshops for Child Care Professionals

Learning a new technique and continuing education is critical to any profession, especially in child care.

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5 Ways to Invest for Success!

For Directors/Managers: Improve your staff retention and decrease turnover with this workshop!

For Teachers/Workers: Improve your results and increase your value by learning about this incredible skill!

Customer Service in Child Care (Most Requested) - Learn the #1 skill that has enough power, if used correctly, to cause tremendous growth in your personal career and your business.

Parent-Teacher Conferences - This workshop uncovers the most effective tools and techniques necessary to plan and lead successful parent-teacher conferences.

Best Practices in Early Childhood Development - Learn the top current systems and strategies to use when working with young children that will help increase teacher engagement and reduce challenges in the classroom.

Incorporating You - Incorporating You helps childcare workers understand and connect strategies that lead to both personal and professional success!


Getting your CDA? We now offer training workshops that count toward your CDA Credential! Mrs. Davis, our Lead Trainer also serves as a PD Specialist with the CDA Council as well as an Adjunct Instructor for J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

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